I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Jennifer Daskal, What the No Fly List Teaches Us About Big Data (Friday, Feb. 7)
  2. Shirin Sinnar, Guest Post: A Terrorist Watchlist Error Revealed (Friday, Feb. 7)
  3. Thomas Earnest, Two Developments re Section 215: (i) Changes to the Section 215 Program and (ii) Program’s Scope is Currently More Limited than Originally Thought (Friday, Feb. 7)
  4. Brett Max Kaufman, Letter to the Editor: Schrödenger’s Metadata (Friday, Feb. 7)
  5. Jameel Jaffer, “The NSA Doesn’t Spy On Americans” (Wednesday, Feb. 5)
  6. Marty Lederman, The Muhtorov Constitutional Challenge to Section 702  (Tuesday, Feb. 4)
  7. David Cole, Can Congress Protect Digital Privacy from NSA Spying? (Tuesday, Feb. 4)
  8. Charles A. Blanchard, Guest Post: Quantum Mechanics, Big Data and the Right of Privacy (Monday, Feb. 3)

II. Targeted Killings and Drones

  1. Ryan Goodman, US to Reduce Drone Program in Pakistan – But Does Pakistan “Agree”?  (Thursday, Feb. 6)
  2. Marty Lederman, “Associated Forces” has a legal meaning . . . but it’s not “every group that calls itself al Qaeda” (Tuesday, Feb. 4)
  3. Daphne Eviatar, “Associated Forces” Has No Legal or Strategic Meaning (Tuesday, Feb. 4)
  4. Steve Vladeck, Alberto Gonzales and Me on Oversight for Targeted Killing (Tuesday, Feb. 4)
  5. Daphne Eviatar, 10 Things We Need to Know Now About the US Drone War (Tuesday, Feb. 4)

III. Military Commissions

IV. Detention

V. Law of Armed Conflict

VI. Iraq and Syria

  1. Just Security, House Committee on Foreign Affairs Hearing on “Al-Qaeda’s Resurgence in Iraq” (Wednesday, Feb.5)
  2. David Luban, Luban in NYRBlog: “Syrian Torture: What the US Must Do” (Monday, Feb. 3)

VII. International Criminal Court (Mali)

VIII. Miscellaneous

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