I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Jennifer Granick, Reforming 702: Does NSA Minimize Cloud Files? (Friday, Jan. 31)
  2. Jennifer Granick, Reforming the Section 702 Dragnet (Part 1) (Thursday, Jan. 30)
  3. Ruchi Parekh, GCHQ Surveillance Likely Illegal, Says Leading UK Barrister (Thursday, Jan. 30)
  4. Jennifer Granick, Don’t Close Your Eyes to Surveillance Dangers: A Response to Richard Epstein (Wednesday, Jan. 29)
  5. Thomas Earnest, SSCI Hearing on Current and Projected National Security Threats Against the United States (Wednesday, Jan. 29)
  6. Richard A. Epstein, Guest Post – Security, Uncertainty, and the National Security Administration: The President Should Defend, Not Revise, Current NSA Procedures (Tuesday, Jan. 28)

II. Guantanamo and Detention

  1. Steve Vladeck, Another (Dubious) Guantánamo Precedent  (Friday, Jan. 31)
  2. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: Extrajudicial Release: A New Rule-of-Law Problem? (Wednesday, Jan. 29)
  3. Daphne Eviatar, First “Public” PRB Hearing Raises More Questions Than it Answers  (Tuesday, Jan. 28)
  4. Daphne Eviatar, Quasi-Public Guantanamo Detainee Hearings Start Tomorrow (Monday, Jan. 27)

III. Targeted Killings and Drones

  1. Ryan Goodman, U.S. Operations Against al-Shabaab/al-Qaeda: The Targeting of Godane  (Tuesday, Jan. 28)
  2. Sarah Knuckey,  What Rules is the US Applying to its Somalia Drone Strikes? (Tuesday, January 28)
  3. Shaheed Fatima, Noor Khan: A missed opportunity?  (Thursday, Jan. 30)

IV. No Fly List

V. Law Enforcement and Counterterrorism

VI. Use of Force

VII. Syria

  1. Just Security, UN Joint Special Representative for Syria Holds Press Conference (Thursday, Jan. 30)
  2. Ryan Goodman, UK Government Issues Major Statement on Legality of Humanitarian Intervention (Thursday, Jan. 30)

VIII. Sudan


X. Miscellaneous

  1. Just Security, Last Call for the Just Security Reader Survey  (Friday, Jan. 31)
  2. Just Security, Just Security Readers Survey — Your Feedback Needed!  (Monday, Jan. 27)

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