Carpenter‘s Curiosities (and its Potential to Unsettle Longstanding Fourth Amendment Doctrines)

It’s only peripherally related to national security issues, but I thought some readers who are too overwhelmed or depressed to keep reading about Hawaii v. Trump might be interested in this post of mine on Balkinization, offering some preliminary thoughts about the less-celebrated, but potentially quite significant, aspects of last Friday’s decision in Carpenter v. United States.  And stay tuned for further insights on Carpenter from my colleague Paul Ohm, who’s been thinking through these questions much longer than I have. 

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Marty Lederman

Professor at the Georgetown University Law Center. He was Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Office of Legal Counsel from 2009-2010, and Attorney Advisor at the Office of Legal Counsel from 1994-2002. Member of the editorial board of Just Security. You can follow him on Twitter (@marty_lederman).