President Donald Trump’s lawyers are trying to make the case that their client did not obstruct justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey in May and in his other actions toward officials involved in the Michael Flynn and Russia investigation, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The attorneys’ argument includes the assertion that Trump “has the inherent authority under the constitution to hire and fire as he sees fit,” the article says. These memos sent to special counsel Robert Mueller also contend that Comey is an unreliable witness.

To help assess and put these legal arguments into proper context, here is a collection of Just Security‘s coverage of the obstruction of justice issue, and also Comey’s actions.

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Just Security editors have also written on this topic in other outlets. These include Ryan Goodman’s “Did Trump Obstruct Justice?” in Politico and Steve Vladeck’s “Trump’s lawyer says Comey violated executive privilege. He’s wrong” in the Washington Post.

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