Tuesday, February 14

9:30am – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Long-term Defense Strategies and Challenges- Closed (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Armed Services – The Evolving Threat of Terrorism and Effective Counterterrorism Strategies (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Homeland Security – The Future of FEMA: Stakeholder Recommendations for the Next Administrator (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Iran on Notice (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Defeating Terrorism in Syria: A New Way Forward (here)

2:30pm – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Department of Defense Single Servicemember and Military Family Readiness Programs- (here)

2:30pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Closed (here)

Wednesday, February 15

10:00am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – Ending Modern Slavery: Building on Success (here)

Thursday, February 16

9:00am – House Committee on Armed Services – Military Services 5th Generation Tactical Aircraft Challenges and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Update (here)

9:30am – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Reshaping the U.S. Military- (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Homeland Security – A Dangerous and Sophisticated Adversary: The Threat to the Homeland Posed by Cartel Operations (here)

10:00am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – Nominations (Ambassador to Israel) (here)

2:00pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Closed (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Homeland Security – Watchdog Recommendations: A Better Way Ahead To Manage the Department of Homeland Security (here)