Tuesday, February 7

9:30am – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Cyber Threats- Closed (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Armed Services – The State of the Military (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Homeland Security – Ending the Crisis: America’s Borders and the Path to Security (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Countering the North Korean Threat: New Steps in U.S. Policy (here)

10:00am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – The Plan to Defeat ISIS: Key Decisions and Considerations (here)

2:30pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Closed (here)


Wednesday, February 8

2:30pm – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Current Readiness of U.S. Forces (here)


Thursday, February 9

9:30am – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Situation in Afghanistan (here)

10:00am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – The United States, The Russian Federation and the Challenges Ahead (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Homeland Security – Empowering Managers: Ideas for a More Effective Federal Workforce (here)

2:00pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Closed (here)