Before we turn our attention to 2017, we thought we’d look back at the 16 most popular posts  on Just Security over the past year. The topics include everything from surveillance legislation on Capitol Hill to developments at the International Criminal Court.

  1. Feinstein-Burr: The Bill That Bans Your Browser by Julian Sanchez
  2. The Case Against Serving by David Luban
  3. The Reasons Why Dylann Roof Wasn’t Charged With Terrorism by Faiza Patel and Adrienne Tierney
  4. Bye-Bye Birdie: Reddit’s Warrant Canary Disappears by Brett Max Kaufman
  5. A Few Keystrokes Could Solve the Crime. Would You Press Enter? by Jonathan Zittrain
  6. Are US Courts Going Dark? by Stephen Wm. Smith
  7. The Server Will Bewitch You Shortly by Julian Sanchez
  8. Unprecedented and Unlawful: The NSA’s “Upstream” Surveillance by Ashley Gorski and Patrick C. Toomey
  9. Mass Hacks of Private Email Aren’t Whistleblowing, They are at Odds With It by Jonathan Zittrain
  10. The Obama Administration Has Embraced Legal Theories Even Broader Than John Yoo’s by Patrick C. Toomey
  11. Apple vs. FBI: “Just This Once”? by Julian Sanchez
  12. Justice Richard Goldstone: South Africa’s Attempt to Withdraw from Int’l Criminal Court is Unconstitutional
  13. Feinstein-Burr, Encryption, and “The Rule of Law” by Julian Sanchez
  14. The Senate Killed JASTA, Then Passed It… by Steve Vladeck
  15. It is Time for the ICC to open a Preliminary Examination in the Philippines by Alex Whiting
  16. #RemoveBannon by Rebecca Hamilton
Image: Flickr