Recap of Recent Posts on Just Security (Aug. 1- 5)

I. Cybersecurity, the DNC Hack, and Privacy

  1. Jennifer Daskal and Andrew K. Woods, Congress Should Embrace the DOJ’s Cross-Border Data Fix (Monday, Aug. 1) 
  2. Ido Kilovaty, The Democratic National Committee Hack: Information as Interference (Monday, Aug. 1)
  3. Ido Kilovaty and Itamar Mann, Towards a Cyber-Security Treaty (Wednesday, Aug. 3)
  4. Kate Martin, The DNC Hack and Democracy (Wednesday, Aug. 3)
  5. Kristen Eichensehr, Cybersecurity, Elections, and Critical Infrastructure at Home and Abroad (Thurdsay, Aug. 4)

II. Turkish Coup Aftermath

III.  France’s Emergency Laws

IV. US Targeted Killing and Transparency


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