I. Intelligence, Privacy & Technology

  1. Carly Nyst, Guest Post: The Growing Divide Between European Governments and Regional Courts on Surveillance (Wednesday, March 16)
  2. Elizabeth Goitein, Guest Post: Overseas Surveillance in an Interconnected World (Thursday, March 17)
  3. Samuel J. Rascoff, Guest Post: Strong Intelligence Oversight Can Happen Within the Executive Branch (Thursday, March 17)
  4. Eileen Donahoe, Guest Post: So Software Has Eaten the World: What Does It Mean for Human Rights, Security & Governance? (Friday, March 18)

II. National Security & Election Politics

  1. Philip Bobbitt, Guest Post: The Supreme Court Could Use an Expert on National Security or International Law (Monday, March 14)
  2. John Reed and Steve Vladeck, Guide to the Presidential Candidates’ National Security Positions (Thursday, March 17)

III. Government Transparency

  1. Brett Max Kaufman, Guest Post: More Transparent Than Thou (Tuesday, March 15)
  2. David McCraw, Guest Post: FOIA Litigation Has Its Own Rules, But We Deserve Better (Tuesday, March 15)

IV. Countering Violent Extremism

V. The Islamic State and the War on Terror

VI. Congressional Hearings