I. Syria & International Law

  1. Oona Hathaway, Partition of Syria as Plan B?: The Case for Caution (Monday, February 29)
  2. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Post: A Primer on the “Cessation of Hostilities” in Syria and International Law (Thursday, March 3)
  3. Elvina Pothelet, Guest Post: Are People in Islamic State Training Camps Legitimate Targets? (Friday, March 4)

II. Surveillance, Privacy & Technology

  1. Marty Lederman, [UPDATED] Magistrate Judge Orenstein’s Order in the EDNY, Denying DOJ’s All Writs Act Request… (Tuesday, March 1)
  2. Just Security, A Readers’ Guide to the Apple All Writs Act Cases (Tuesday, March 1)

III. Surveillance in the United Kingdom

IV. Congressional Hearings