Recap of Recent Posts at Just Security (February 20–26)

I. Surveillance, Privacy & Technology

  1. Jennifer Granick, Who Sets the Rules of the Privacy and Security Game? (Monday, February 22)
  2. Julian Sanchez, Apple vs. FBI: “Just This Once”? (Tuesday, February 23)
  3. Marty Lederman, Apple’s Motion to Vacate the All Writs Act Assistance Order: Is This the Right Case for Apple to Make a Stand? (Friday, February 26)

II. Guantánamo & Military Commissions

  1. Steve Vladeck, Closing Guantánamo, Episode XXVIII: This Time, We Really, Really (Really!) Mean It… (Tuesday, February 23)
  2. Marty Lederman, The President’s Plan for Closing the Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility (Tuesday, February 23)
  3. Jonathan Hafetz, Guest Post: Torture and Transparency in the Military Commissions (Wednesday, February 24)

III. International Law

  1. Beth Van Schaack, Iraq and Syria: Prospects for Accountability (Monday, February 22)
  2. Christopher Rogers, Guest Post: How Should International Law Deal With Doubt in the Era of Drones and Big Data? (Monday, February 22)
  3. Daniela Nogueira, A Quick Update on Serdar Mohammed v. Ministry of Defence (Thursday, February 25)

IV. Cross-Border Data Sharing

V. Public Records & Oversight

VI. Biodefense

VII. Congressional Hearings


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