I. Law Enforcement Investigations & Privacy

  1. Judith Germano, Guest Post: Law Enforcement Online: Innovative Doesn’t Mean Illegal (Tuesday, February 16)
  2. Robyn Greene, Guest Post: FBI’s Push to “Fix a Typo” Would Really Expand Its Surveillance Authority (Wednesday, February 17)
  3. Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Guest Post: Justice Scalia, Privacy, and Where We Go From Here (Friday, February 19)

II. National Security Litigation & Election Politics

  1. John Reed & Steve Vladeck, Guide to the Presidential Candidates’ National Security Positions (Monday, February 15)
  2. Steve Vladeck, D.C. Circuit Quietly Set to Hear Major National Security Appeals (Tuesday, February 16)

III. International Justice

IV. Europe’s Borders

V. Miscellaneous