Recap of Recent Posts at Just Security (January 23–29)

I. US Military in Iraq & Syria

  1. Emma Sky, Guest Post: Reflecting on 25 Years of US Policy Towards Iraq (Tuesday, January 26)
  2. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Post: Is the US Allowed to Control a Syrian Airfield? (Wednesday, January 27)

 II. Terrorism & Counterterrorism

  1. Jeremy H. Keenan, Guest Post: Instability and Terrorism in Africa’s Sahel: A Primer (Tuesday, January 26)
  2. Patrick Eddington, Guest Post: America’s Muddled Approach to Fighting ISIS (Thursday, January 28)

III. Congress & the Executive

  1. Andy Wright, Fast and Furious Litigation: Losing the Battle to Win the War? (Monday, January 25)
  2. Ken Gude, Guest Post: It’s All About the Associated Forces (Thursday, January 28)

IV. Surveillance & Privacy

V. Poland

VI. Congressional Hearings


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