I. Military Commissions & the DC Circuit

  1. Marty Lederman, Clarifying What’s at Stake in Al Bahlul (Short Answer: Judge and Jury) … and What’s Not (Monday, November 30)
  2. James Benjamin & Rita Siemion, Guest Post: We Don’t Need to Broaden Military Commissions’ Jurisdiction (Monday, November 30)
  3. Steve Vladeck, Abstention and the “Other” D.C. Circuit Military Commission Appeal (Monday, November 30)
  4. Marty Lederman, Reflections From the En Banc Al Bahlul Oral Argument (Tuesday, December 1)
  5. Steve Vladeck, Counting to Six in Al Bahlul IV (Tuesday, December 1)

II. Surveillance, Privacy & Norms in Cyberspace

  1. Faiza Patel, Bulk Collection Under Section 215 Has Ended… What’s Next? (Monday, November 30)
  2. Elaine Korzak, Guest Post: International Law and the UN GGE Report on Information Security (Wednesday, December 2)

III. The Islamic State & Military Action

  1. Beth Van Schaack, The US Holocaust Memorial Museum: “ISIL Is Committing Genocide Against the Yezidis in Iraq” (Tuesday, December 1)
  2. Beth Van Schaack, Targeting Tankers Under the Law of War (Part 1) (Wednesday, December 2)
  3. Beth Van Schaack, Targeting Tankers — and Their Drivers — Under the Law of War (Part 2) (Thursday, December 3)
  4. Steve Vladeck, An ISIL AUMF WTF? (Thursday, December 3)

IV. Paris Attacks

V. Refugees

VI. Women in the Military

VII. Congressional Hearings