I. Paris Attacks & the Islamic State

  1. Steve Vladeck, 11/13/15 (Monday, November 16)
  2. Anthony Dworkin, Guest Post: France Maps out Its War Against the Islamic State (Thursday, November 19)
  3. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, A World at War With Daesh (Friday, November 20)
  4. Laura Dickinson, Guest Post: Where Will the Law of Self-Defense Go From Here? (Friday, November 20)

II. Surveillance, Technology & Privacy

  1. Michael Price, Guest Post: The Legal Legacy of the NSA’s Section 215 Bulk Collection Program (Monday, November 16)
  2. Julian Sanchez, The Wiretap Spike at Facebook: WhatsApp With That? (Monday, November 16)
  3. Ahmed Ghappour, Guest Post: Is the FBI Using Zero-Days in Criminal Investigations? (Tuesday, November 17)
  4. Steve Vladeck, Section 702, the Fourth Amendment, and Article III: The Muhtorov (Non-)Decision (Friday, November 20)

III. International Law & the International Criminal Court

  1. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: International Law, Targeting, and Detention in the Age of International Terrorism (Monday, November 16)
  2. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: Foreign Fighters, Mercenaries, and Private Military Companies Under International Law (Wednesday, November 18)
  3. Beth Van Schaack, United States Intervention at the Meeting of the ICC’s Assembly of States Parties (Thursday, November 19)
  4. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: Challenges New Weapons and Humanitarian Assistance Present for International Law (Friday, November 20)

IV. Power Wars Symposium

  1. David Golove, Guest Post: Libya and the War Powers Resolution (Tuesday, November 17)
  2. Bob Bauer, Guest Post: The Powers Wars Debate and the Question of the Role of the Lawyer in Crisis (Wednesday, November 18)

V. Congressional Hearings