I. Secret Law & Executive Transparency

  1. Elizabeth Goitein, Guest Post: Secret Law Isn’t the Public’s Fault (Monday, November 9)
  2. Brett Max Kaufman, Guest Post: Lawyering in Secret and the Government’s FOIA Bogeyman (Tuesday, November 10)

II. Guantánamo

  1. Marty Lederman, The Insoluble Guantánamo Problem (Part One: The President’s Successful Transformation of US Detention Practices … and the GTMO Exception) (Thursday, November 12)
  2. Marty Lederman, The Insoluble Guantánamo Problem (Part Two: The NDAA Restrictions) (Thursday, November 12)
  3. Marty Lederman, The Insoluble Guantánamo Problem (Part Three: Executive Disregard of the GTMO-to-US Relocation Prohibition Is Not a Solution) (Friday, November 13)

III. Power Wars Symposium

  1. Jennifer Daskal & Steve Vladeck, Power Wars Symposium: Where Did Things Go Wrong? Three Key Moments That Shaped Obama’s Failed Guantánamo Policy (Wednesday, November 11)
  2. Richard Pildes, Guest Post: Power Wars Symposium: What Role Should Law Play in Areas of Vital National and International Affairs? (Friday, November 13)

IV. Surveillance

V. International Law & the United Nations

  1. Alex Whiting, The Mavi Marmara Appeal: The ICC Prosecutor Wins by Losing (Monday, November 9)
  2. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: The Start, End, and Territorial Scope of Armed Conflict (Wednesday, November 11)
  3. Jennifer Trahan, The UN’s New “Code of Conduct” for Acting in the Face of Mass Atrocities (Friday, November 13)

VI. Foreign Courts

  1. Beth Van Schaack, A Return to Authoritarianism in Egypt (Tuesday, November 10)
  2. Nadia O’Mara, Belhaj v. Straw: UK Supreme Court Hearing Case on UK Complicity in US Rendition and Torture (Friday, November 13)

VII. Congressional Hearings

VIII. Miscellaneous

  1. Steve Vladeck, Nasser Hussain (Tuesday, November 10)
  2. Just Security, Veterans Day (Wednesday, November 11)