I. Encryption & Hacking

  1. Marty Lederman, Darkness? (Saturday, October 10)
  2. Amie Stepanovich, Guest Post: Too Much Posturing and Not Enough Substance on Encryption (Monday, October 12)
  3. Marshall Erwin, Guest Post: Lawful Hacking After the Encryption Debate (Thursday, October 15)

II. Kunduz Hospital Bombing

III. Surveillance & Privacy

  1. Martin Scheinin, Guest Post: Mass Surveillance and the Right to Privacy: Adding Nuance to the Schrems Case (Tuesday, October 13)
  2. Faiza Patel, What the Third Circuit Said in Hassan v. City of New York (Wednesday, October 14)

IV. The Hygiene of War

V. Guantánamo

VI. International Criminal Court

VII. UN Security Council