I. United Nations & International Criminal Court

  1. Alex Whiting, The First Case for the ICC Prosecutor: Attacks on Cultural Heritage (Tuesday, September 29)
  2. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, The Canary in the Coal Mine: Women and Reservations to Post-2015 Development Agenda (Wednesday, September 30)
  3. Sarah Knuckey, The UN Human Rights Council Supports Yemen’s “National Inquiry,” but Is It a Whitewash in the Making? (Friday, October 2)
  4. Brittany Benowitz, Letter to the Editor: To Combat Extremism, We Will Need More Than Words (Friday, October 2)

II. Guantánamo

III. Electronic Communications Privacy Act

IV. Transparency

V. US-China Relations

VI. UK Anti-Terror Laws

VII. Law of Armed Conflict

VIII. Congressional Hearings

IX. Miscellaneous