I. Guantánamo & Military Commissions

  1. Steve Vladeck, The Remarkable (and Remarkably Unnoticed) Guantánamo PRB Scorecard (Wednesday, September 23)
  2. Steve Vladeck, D.C. Circuit Grants Rehearing En Banc in al Bahlul (and Highlights My Poor Math Skills) (Friday, September 25)

II. Surveillance & Privacy

III. UK Anti-Terror Laws

  1. Clive Walker, Guest Post: The British Library Did Not Need to Self-Censor (Tuesday, September 22)
  2. Shaheed Fatima, The British Library and the Taliban Sources Project: A Short Reply to Professor Walker (Thursday, September 24)

IV. Governing After Conflict

  1. Tom Malinowski, Guest Post: The Arab Awakening, Civil Society, and the Choice Between Two Ways of Governing (Wednesday, September 23)
  2. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Transitional Justice Deal Reached in the Colombian Conflict (Thursday, September 24)

V. Drone Strikes & Targeted Killings

VI. Freedom of Expression

VII. Women & Countering Violent Extremism

VIII. Presidential Races

IX. Congressional Hearings

X. Miscellaneous

  1. Steve Vladeck, Just Security Welcomes Jonathan Zittrain (Monday, September 21)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Celebrating Our Second Birthday… (Monday, September 21)