I. Surveillance & Privacy

  1. Andrew K. Woods, Guest Post: ECPA Reform: A Primer (Wednesday, September 16)
  2. Andrew Crocker, Guest Post: Lifting the Gag Order on One NSL is Good, But It’s Just a Start (Friday, September 18)
  3. John Reed, Chris Soghoian on Collaboration Between Lawyers, Technologists, and Policymakers (Friday, September 18)

II. Guantánamo & Military Commissions

  1. Steve Vladeck, Watching the En Banc Clock in al Bahlul (Wednesday, September 16)
  2. Adam Jacobson, Guest Post: ODNI’s Latest Guantánamo Reengagement Numbers Are Encouraging (Wednesday, September 16)

III. International Criminal Law

  1. Nathalie Weizmann, When Do Countries Have to Investigate War Crimes? (Monday, September 14)
  2. Alex Whiting, The ICC in Kenya: Institutional Promises and Limitations (Tuesday, September 15)

IV. UK Anti-Terror Laws

V. Women & Countering Violent Extremism

VI. International Human Rights Cases in US Courts

VII. Congressional Hearings

VIII. Miscellaneous