I. Surveillance, Privacy & Cybersecurity

  1. Julian Sanchez, Does CISA Contain a Surveillance Law XSS Attack? (Tuesday, August 25)
  2. Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Guest Post: Armed Drones and the Influence of Big Business on Police Surveillance Technology (Friday, August 28)
  3. Steve Vladeck, Better Never Than Late? The D.C. Circuit’s Problematic Standing Holding in Klayman (Friday, August 28)

II. Detention

III. Judicial Review & Executive Branch Oversight

  1. Andy Wright, A Legislative Fix to Inspectors’ General Difficulties Accessing Information? (Monday, August 24)
  2. Steve Vladeck, The Supreme Court, ISIS, and the War Powers (Tuesday, August 25)
  3. Steve Vladeck, The Alarming Gaps in Military Appellate Review (Wednesday, August 26)

IV. Torture

V. Women on the Front Lines