I. Surveillance, Privacy & Cybersecurity

  1. Kristen Eichensehr, “International Cyber Stability” and the UN Group of Governmental Experts (Tuesday, July 14)
  2. Marshall Erwin, Guest Post: The FBI’s Problem Isn’t “Going Dark.” Its Problem is Going Slowly (Thursday, July 16)
  3. Albert Gidari, Guest Post: The Government’s Wiretap Orders Still Don’t Add Up (Friday, July 17)

II. Iran Nuclear Agreement

  1. Just Security, Full Text of Iran Nuclear Agreement (Tuesday, July 14)
  2. Sarvenaz Bakhtiar, Guest Post: The Iranian Media’s Take on the Nuclear Deal (Thursday, July 16)

III. Defense Department Law of War Manual

  1. Adil Ahmad Haque, Guest Post: DOD is Still Wrong About Target Selection and Civilians (Wednesday, July 15)
  2. John Dehn, Guest Post: The DOD Law of War Manual’s Potential Contribution to International Law (Thursday, July 16)

IV. Torture

V. Drones & Lethal Force

  1. Nathalie Weizmann, A Drone Strike and the Debate on the Geography of the War Against al-Qaeda and its Associates (Tuesday, July 14)
  2. Matthew Spurlock, Guest Post: CIA and OLC Must Release More “Secret” Documents on Aulaqi Drone Strike (Friday, July 17)

VI. Canada and the United Kingdom: Review Under International Human Rights Treaty

VII. Congressional Hearings