I. Defense Department Law of War Manual

  1. Adil Ahmad Haque, Guest Post: The Defense Department Stands Alone on Target Selection (Monday, June 29)
  2. Sean Watts, Guest Post: The DOD Law of War Manual’s Return to Principles (Tuesday, June 30)
  3. Eric Jensen, Guest Post: Law of War Manual: Information or Authoritative Guidance? (Wednesday, July 1)

II. Surveillance, Privacy & Cybersecurity

  1. Jennifer Granick, Sloppy Cyber Threat Sharing Is Surveillance by Another Name (Monday, June 29)
  2. Patrick Eddington, Guest Post: OPM, CISA, and the Cybersecurity Oxymoron (Thursday, July 2)
  3. Naureen Shah, Guest Post: 10 Questions about the UK Spying on Amnesty International (Thursday, July 2)

III. Government Secrecy

IV. Countering Violent Extremism

V. Miscellaneous