I. Surveillance, Privacy & the FISA Court

  1. Elizabeth Goitein, Guest Post: The FISC’s Newest Opinion: Proof of the Need for an Amicus (Tuesday, June 23)
  2. Jennifer Daskal & Andrew K. Woods, A New US-UK Data Sharing Treaty? (Tuesday, June 23)
  3. Steve Vladeck, “Expense,” “Delay,” and the Inauspicious Debut of the USA Freedom Act’s Amicus Provision (Tuesday, June 23)
  4. Shaheed Fatima, Latest UK Judgment on Post-Snowden Surveillance (Wednesday, June 24)
  5. Patrick C. Toomey, Guest Post: Has the CIA Asked the FISC to Restart Its Bulk Collection Program? (Thursday, June 25)

II. Lethal Force and Drones

III. Defense Department Law of War Manual

  1. Adil Ahmad Haque, Guest Post: The Defense Department’s Indefensible Position on Killing Human Shields (Monday, June 22)
  2. Charles Dunlap, Guest Post: Human Shields and the DOD Law of War Manual: Can’t We Improve the Debate? (Thursday, June 25)
  3. Adil Ahmad Haque, Guest Post: Human Shields and Proportionality: A Reply to Charlie Dunlap (Friday, June 26)

IV. Special Operations Forces 

V. Israel and Palestine (Gaza Conflict of 2014)

VI. Congressional Hearings

VII. Miscellaneous

  1. Ryan Goodman & Steve Vladeck, Welcoming Oona Hathaway and Nathalie Weizmann (Monday, June 22)
  2. Just Security, Call for Papers: AALS 2016 Annual Meeting (Monday, June 22)