I. 2016 Presidential Election

II. Stephen Preston’s ASIL Speech & Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMFs)

  1. John Reed, Rethinking How We Wage the Forever War (Monday, Apr. 20)
  2. Eric Gardiner, Guest Post: The Power of Rhetoric in the Civilian-Military Divide (Tuesday, Apr. 21)
  3. Just Security, Text of the Schiff-Cole Letter Requesting House Vote on an ISIL-Specific AUMF (Tuesday, Apr. 21)

III. Lethal Operations and Targeted Killings

  1. Sarah Knuckey, Three Quick Thoughts on the Drone Strike in Pakistan That Killed Two Innocent Civilians (Thursday, Apr. 23)
  2. Michael Schmitt & John Merriam, A Legal and Operational Assessment of Israel’s Targeting Practices (Friday, Apr. 24)

IV. Torture, Detention & Trials

  1. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, The Complexity of Addressing Sexual Violence Experienced by Guantanamo Bay Detainees (Monday, Apr. 20)
  2. Rob Freer, Guest Post: As the Senate Torture Report Gathers Dust, Is the Obama Administration Giving Torturers De Facto Amnesty? (Thursday, Apr. 23)
  3. Steve Vladeck, The al Bahlul Oral Argument Semianniversary (Wednesday, Apr. 22)
  4. Ryan Goodman, Has the Gov’t Under-Charged an al-Qaeda Recruit?: The Ohio Case of Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud (Friday, Apr. 24)

V. Surveillance & Privacy

VI. United States & the ICC

VII. Harold Koh & Government Service

  1. Philip Alston, Guest Post: Harold Koh and the Battle of the Dueling Petitions (Monday, Apr. 20)
  2. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Petitions, Human Rights, and Government Service (Wednesday, Apr. 22)

VIII. Congressional Hearings