I. Surveillance & Cybersecurity

  1. Geoff Brigham & Michelle Paulson, Guest Post: Wikimedia v. NSA: Standing and the Fight for Free Speech and Privacy (Monday, March 30)
  2. Beth Van Schaack, The Provision of Means: Dual Use Goods & Corporate Liability (Monday, March 30)
  3. Faiza Patel, How a Case of Stolen Corn Seeds Shows the Problem With the FISA Court (Wednesday, April 1)
  4. Kristen Eichensehr, The Cyber Sanctions Executive Order: What Will It Do and Will It Work? (Thursday, April 2)

II. Authorization for the Use of Military Force against ISIL

III. Guantanamo/Detention

IV. FOIA & Torture

V. Germanwings Crash (and Definitions of Terrorism)

VI. Iran Nuclear Deal

VII. Law of Armed Conflict and Weaponry

  1. Laurie Blank, Geoffrey S. Corn, & Eric Jensen, Guest Post: A Reply to Janina Dill: Common Ground (Tuesday, March 31)
  2. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., Guest Post: To Ban New Weapons or Regulate Their Use? (Friday, April 3)

VIII. Israel, Palestine & the International Criminal Court

IX. April Fools Day