I. Drones & Autonomous Weapons

  1. Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Guest Post: Deep Dive: The White House’s New Memo on Drones and Privacy (Monday, March 16)
  2. Robert Keohane & Allen Buchanan, Guest Post: It’s Time for an International Drone Accountability Regime (Thursday, March 19)
  3. Michael Horowitz & Paul Scharre, Guest Post: Defining “Meaningful Human Control” Over Autonomous Weapons (Thursday, March 19)

II. Surveillance & FISA Reform

  1. Steve Vladeck, Whither the Section 215 Reauthorization Debate? (Thursday, March 19)
  2. Faiza Patel & Elizabeth Goitein, Reforming the FISA Court (Friday, March 20)

III. Authorization for the Use of Military Force

IV. Iran

V. Blackwater

VI. European Terror Laws

VII. Perfidy Under International Humanitarian Law

VIII. Palestine & the ICC

IX. Hillary Clinton’s Email

X. US Immigration Law & Alleged Human Rights Violators

XI. Congressional Hearings

XII. Miscellaneous