I. Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) Against the Islamic State

  1. Ryan Goodman, AUMF, “Associated Forces,” and Slippery Slopes: Two More Data Points (Wednesday, Feb. 18)
  2. Ken Gude, Guest Post: Think Again: The Limitations in the President’s Draft AUMF Do Have Meaning (Thursday, Feb. 19)
  3. Jack Goldsmith, Ryan Goodman, & Steve Vladeck, Six Questions Congress Should Ask the Administration About Its ISIL AUMF (Friday, Feb. 20)

II. Syria

  1. Claus Kreß, Guest Post: The Fine Line Between Collective Self-Defense and Intervention by Invitation: Reflections on the Use of Force Against ‘IS’ in Syria (Tuesday, Feb. 17)
  2. Federica D’Alessandra & Paul Williams, Guest Post: In Syria – Learning Lessons from the “Success” of Yemen (Wednesday, Feb. 18)

III. Countering Violent Extremism

  1. Michael German, Guest Post: CVE Efforts Should be Based on Facts, Not Flawed Theories (Thursday, Feb. 19)
  2. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, Any Effort to Counter Violent Extremism Must Deal With Religion (Friday, Feb. 20)

IV. Detention & Trials

V. Drones

VI. Copenhagen and Counterterrorism Efforts in Europe