I. Authorization for Use of Military Force

  1. Ryan Goodman, General Dempsey’s Position on an AUMF for ISIL: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing (Monday, Jan. 26)
  2. Megan Graham, Schiff Introduces Updated Proposal for AUMF to Fight the Islamic State (Wednesday, Jan. 28)

II. Surveillance and Privacy

  1. Megan Graham, OHCHR Call for Comments on Encryption and Anonymity Online (Monday, Jan. 26)
  2. Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Guest Post: Five Important Questions About DEA’s Vehicle Surveillance Program (Friday, Jan. 30)

III. Detention & Trials

  1. Steve Vladeck, What it Really Means to “Close Guantánamo” (Monday, Jan. 26)
  2. Phil Hirschkorn, Guest Post: Members Only: Al Qaeda’s Charter List Revealed After 13 Years in U.S. Hands (Thursday, Jan. 29)

IV. First Amendment

V. Separation of Powers: Congress and the Executive

VI.  Congressional Activities 

  1. Megan Graham, National Security Related Congressional Hearings, January 26-30 (Monday, Jan. 26)
  2. Beth Van Schaack, Global Magnitsky Act Re-Introduced (Thursday, Jan. 29)
  3. Marty Lederman, Basic Category Error by Ten Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (Friday, Jan. 30)

VII. Syria and Use of Force

VIII. Mutual Legal Assistance

IX. Sri Lanka – and U.S. War Crimes Prosecution