Recap of Recent Posts at Just Security (Jan 17-23)

I. Authorization for Use of Military Force

II. Torture

  1. Jameel Jaffer, The Torture Report, the CIA’s “Work of Fiction,” and a Friday-afternoon Letter From DOJ (Sunday, Jan. 18)
  2. Jameel Jaffer, Charlie Hebdo, The Interview, and Censoring Torture Photos (Tuesday, Jan. 20)

III. Surveillance and Privacy

IV. Detention

  1. Ruchi Parekh, How to Interpret the UN Human Rights Committee’s Comment on National Security Detentions: State Party Submissions (Wednesday, Jan. 21)
  2. Daphne Eviatar, 2 Years and 55 Prisoners To Go: It’s Time for a Lot More Guantanamo Review Boards (Wednesday, Jan. 21)

V. Syria and Use of Force

VI. Israel-Palestine – and the International Criminal Court

  1. Alan M. Dershowitz, Guest Post: Response to My Friend Luis Moreno Ocampo on the International Criminal Court and the Palestinian Situation (Tuesday, Jan. 20)
  2. Nimrod Karin, Guest Post: The Establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for Palestine (Part I) (Wednesday, Jan. 21)
  3. Nimrod Karin, Guest Post: The Establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for Palestine (Part II) (Thursday, Jan. 22)

[Note: For additional Just Security coverage of Palestine’s bid to join the International Criminal Court and related issues, see here.]

VII. Sri Lanka – and U.S. War Crimes Prosecution

  1. Ryan Goodman, How the U.S. Can Help Sri Lanka Turn the Corner – With a Targeted War Crimes Prosecution (Tuesday, Jan. 20)
  2. Ryan Goodman, The Government of Sri Lanka Responds to My NYT Op-Ed on U.S. War Crimes Probe of Ex-Defense Secretary (Friday, Jan. 23)

VIII. Congressional Hearings & State of the Union

  1. Megan Graham, National Security Related Congressional Hearings, January 20–23 (Tuesday, Jan. 20)
  2. Just Security, State of the Union Address: National Security Highlights (Wednesday, Jan. 21)

IX. Miscellaneous


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