I. Terrorist Attacks in Paris

  1. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, The Paris Attack and Terrorism’s Next Frontier (Friday, Jan. 9)
  2. Kent Roach & Craig Forcese, Guest Post: Avoiding a “Militant Democratic” Response to the Paris Attacks (Friday, Jan. 9)

II. Israel-Palestine–and the International Criminal Court

  1. Robert Howse, Guest Post: Palestine and the ICC: Law and Rhetoric (Wednesday, Jan. 7)
  2. Alex Whiting, Guest Post: The U.S. Should Not Disengage from the International Criminal Court Following Palestine’s Ascension (Wednesday, Jan. 7)
  3. Jonathan Somer, Letter to the Editor: Howse on Palestine and the ICC (Thursday, Jan. 8)
  4. Robert Howse, Guest Post: Howse Reply to Letter to the Editor (Thursday, Jan. 8)
  5. Yousef N. Zeidan, Letter to the Editor from Former Legal Adviser to Palestine’s Mission to the United Nations (Thursday, Jan. 8)

[Note: For additional Just Security coverage of the Palestinian bid to join the International Criminal Court and related issues, see here.]

III. Torture 

IV. Detention & Trials

  1. Phil Hirschkorn, Guest Post: The Three Legal Questions Left Unresolved by al-Libi’s Death (Saturday, Jan. 3)
  2. Phil Hirschkorn, Guest Post: Another Life Sentence for a Terrorist Convicted in Federal Court (Friday, Jan. 9)

V. Transparency and Civilian Casualties in Armed Conflict

VI. End of “War” in Afghanistan?

VII. Cyber Attacks

  1. Michael Schmitt, The State of Humanitarian Law in Cyber Conflict (Tuesday, Jan. 6)
  2. Ryan Goodman, Text of FBI Director’s Remarks: New Details on Why “Entire Intelligence Community” has “Very High Confidence” North Korea Hacked Sony (Wednesday, Jan. 7)

[Note: For additional Just Security coverage on cyber conflict, see here.]

VIII. Arms Trade Treaty

IX. Lord’s Resistance Army–and the International Criminal Court

X. Russia – Ukraine

XI. Miscellaneous