I. Torture

A. Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report

  1. Just Security, Senate Report on Interrogation Program – Executive Summary and Opposing Views (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  2. Steve Vladeck, The SSCI Torture Report, Rasul, and Transfers to Avoid Jurisdiction (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  3. General David Irvine (ret.), Guest Post: Torture: Unreliable and Inestimably Costly (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  4. John Sifton, Guest Post: They Knew It Was Illegal (Wednesday, Dec. 10)
  5. Jameel Jaffer, The Torture Report and the “Glomar Fig Leaf” (Wednesday, Dec. 10)
  6. Martin Scheinin, Guest Post: Five Torturous Steps to Hell (Thursday, Dec. 11)
  7. Just Security, CIA Director Brennan’s Comment on the Torture Report, and Senator Feinstein’s Reply to Brennan (Thursday, Dec. 11)
  8. Jennifer Daskal, The Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Preventive Value of the Senate Torture Report (Friday, Dec. 12)

B. Accountability

  1. Harold Hongju Koh, The Torture Report is Only the First Step (Friday, Dec. 12)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Why We Shouldn’t Prosecute the Torturers (Thursday, Dec. 11)
  3. Nathalie Weizmann, State Responsibility and Reparation for Torture as a Violation of IHL  (Wednesday, Dec. 10)

II. Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMFs)

  1. Ryan Goodman, Highlights (and Concerns) for Senator Menendez’s Draft AUMF (Monday, Dec. 8)
  2. Ryan Goodman, An AUMF for ISIL: A Survey of Different Drafts & Proposals [Updated] (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  3. Just Security, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on AUMF and Kerry Testimony (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  4. Ryan Goodman, Kerry Outlines 5 Key Positions: What the Administration Wants in an ISIL AUMF [Updated] (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  5. Just Security, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Markup of Draft AUMF against ISIL (Thursday, Dec. 11)
  6. Ryan Goodman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves ISIL AUMF and Sunset of 2001 AUMF (Thursday, Dec. 11)

III. Detention: Guantánamo & Bagram

  1. Steve Vladeck, A Guantánamo (Numerical) Milestone, and What It Means… (Tuesday, Dec. 9)
  2. Ryan Goodman, Big News: US Closes Bagram Detention Facility (Wednesday, Dec. 10)

IV.  Cybersecurity

V. International Justice

VI. Domestic Law Enforcement