I.  Authorization for Use of Force Against ISIL

  1. John Reed, Sen. Kaine: Narrow the Scope of the 2001 AUMF (Thursday, Nov. 13)
  2. Ryan Goodman & Steve Vladeck, Principles to Guide Congressional Authorization of the Continued Use of Force Against ISIL – Clarification on Sunset Provision  (Wednesday, Nov. 12)
  3. Richard A. Epstein, Guest Post: Reauthorize the AUMF: Clever Strategies to Limit Presidential Power are Constitutional, But Unwise (Monday, Nov. 10)
  4. Ryan Goodman & Steve Vladeck, Avoiding Unnecessary Wars and Preserving Accountability: Principles for an ISIL-Specific AUMF (Monday, Nov. 10)
  5. Ryan Goodman, The ISIL-AUMF Debate: A Catalog of Different Proposals (Monday, Nov. 10)

II. Convention Against Torture (Extraterritoriality and in Armed Conflict)

  1. Sarah Cleveland, Guest Post: The United States and the Torture Convention, Part I: Extraterritoriality (Friday, Nov. 14)
  2. Marty Lederman, Malinowski and McLeod Statements Before UN Committee Against Torture (Thursday, Nov. 13)
  3. Ruchi Parekh, U.S. Changes Position on Torture Convention – Accepts Ban on Cruelty Applies Abroad (Wednesday, Nov. 12)

III. 2014 Elections & the 114th Congress

  1. Andy Wright, Passing the Senate Gavels (Monday, Nov. 10)
  2. Megan Graham, 114th Congress Faces Significant Committee Shake-Ups (Friday, Nov. 14)

IV.  Congressional vs. Executive Powers

V. Surveillance and Privacy

VI.  Detentions and Trials

  1. Marty Lederman, D.C. Circuit Stays (i.e., postpones for at least a couple of months) Thursday’s Scheduled CMCR Hearing in al-Nashiri (Wednesday, Nov. 12)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Judge Kavanaugh, Nashiri, and the D.C. Circuit’s Jurisdiction Over the Military Commissions (Thursday, Nov. 13)

VII. Iraq and Syria (Accountability) 

VIII. Miscellaneous