I. Surveillance and Data Collection

II. Journalism

III. Syria

IV. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

V. Law of Armed Conflict (Jus in Bello) and International Human Rights in Conflict

  • 3-Way Debate Round 1 (Monday, Sept. 30):

Gabor Rona, The “Lutte” Against Terrorism

Geoffrey S. Corn, The Military Component of Counter-Terror Operations

Derek Jinks, Against the Notion of Competing Legal Frameworks in the “War on Terror”

  •  3-Way Debate Round 2 (Tuesday, Oct. 1):

Gabor Rona, A Reply to Corn and Jinks

Geoffrey S. Corn, A Reply to Rona and Jinks

Derek Jinks, A Reply to Rona and Corn

VI. Military Commissions

VII. Guantanamo

VIII. Congress and Politics

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