A. Grand Strategy

B. Domestic Authorization and Procedures

    1. Ryan Goodman and Shalev Roisman, Assessing the Claim that ISIL is a Successor to Al Qaeda—Part 2 (Organizational Goals) (Monday, Oct. 6)
    2. Jennifer Daskal, The Wrong (and Right) Lessons Re: Congressional Inaction on ISIL (Monday, Oct. 6)
    3. Ryan Goodman, Leon Panetta: Administration’s Reliance on 2001 AUMF to Fight ISIL is Flawed (Tuesday, Oct. 7)

C. United Nations Security Council: Foreign Fighters

    1. Martin ScheininA Comment on Security Council Res 2178 (Foreign Terrorist Fighters) as a “Form” of Global Governance (Monday, Oct. 6)
    2. Amos Toh, Australia’s Draconian Response to the Security Council’s Resolution on Foreign Terrorist Fighters (Tuesday, Oct. 7)

II. Surveillance and Privacy

    1. Julian Sanchez, Smartphone “Backdoors” and Open Computing (Monday, Oct. 6)
    2. Megan Graham, Twitter is Suing the US Government in an Effort to Reveal Surveillance Information (Wednesday, Oct. 8)
    3. Alvaro Bedoya, Executive Order 12333 and the Golden Number (Thursday, Oct. 9)
    4. Jeffrey Vagle, Clapper, Adobe, and Article III Standing for Surveillance Harms (Thursday, Oct. 9)
    5. Brett Max Kaufman, Twitter’s First Amendment Suit & the Warrant-Canary Question (Friday, Oct. 10)

III. Detentions & Trials

  1. Marty Lederman, Breaking News from the Supreme Court! (Monday, Oct. 6)
  2. Shaheed Fatima, Reflections on Hassan v UK: A Mixed Bag on the Right to Liberty (Part 1) (Friday, Oct. 10)
  3. John Reed, Bahraini Prince Could be Investigated for Torture by UK Police (Wednesday, Oct. 8)

IV. Arms Control (Landmines)

V. United Kingdom (and European Court of Human Rights)

VI. Israel

VII. Sri Lanka

VIII. International Criminal Court (Kenya)