A. Grand Strategy

B. Regulation of Use of Force and Combat in Iraq and Syria

    1. Marty Lederman, Of So-called “Folk” International Law and Not-so-grey Zones (Thursday, Oct. 2)
    2. Kenneth Watkin, Sustaining the War Effort: Targeting Islamic State Oil Facilities (Friday, Oct. 3)

C. Domestic Authorization and Procedures

    1. Ryan Goodman and Shalev Roisman, Assessing the Claim that ISIL is a Successor to Al Qaeda—Part 1 (Organizational Structure) (Wednesday, Oct. 1)
    2. Charlie Martel, War: What is it good for? 20 ISIL Questions for Congress (Tuesday, Sept. 30)

D. United Nations Security Council: Foreign Fighters

E. Allies

II. Surveillance and Privacy

  1. Jennifer Granick, FBI is Hurting Apple and Google’s Competitiveness with Crypto Backdoor Demands (Monday, Sept. 29)
  2. Marshall Erwin, The Need for Both Legal and Technical Privacy Protections (Tuesday, Sept. 30)
  3. Elizabeth Goitein, It’s Time to Pass the USA Freedom Act—Warts and All (Thursday, Oct. 2)

III. Cybersecurity

IV. Afghanistan (and Bilateral Security Agreement)

    1. Daphne Eviatar, Security Agreement With Afghanistan Raises Key Questions About How and When War Ends (Tuesday, Sept. 30)
    2. Daphne Eviatar, Here’s the New U.S.-Afghanistan Bilateral Security Agreement (Thursday, Oct. 2)

V. Trials & Military Commissions

    1. Steve Vladeck, Constitutional “Cross-Ruffing”: My New Article (Thursday, Oct. 2)
    2. Marty Lederman, The Jurisdictional Issue Delaying the al-Nashiri Military Commission: Saudi Defendant + French Ship + Malaysian Shipper + Iranian Oil + Bulgarian Casualty = Trial in a U.S. Military Commission? (Friday, Oct. 3)

VI. Miscellaneous