I. Surveillance and Data Collection
II. Journalism
  • Gabriel Schoenfeld, A Reply to Steve Vladeck on National Security Journalism and the Espionage Act (forthcoming Wednesday, Oct. 2)
 III. Syria
III. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
IV. Law of Armed Conflict (Jus in Bello) and International Human Rights in Conflict
  • 3-Way Debate Round 1 (Monday, Sept. 30):
Gabor Rona, The “Lutte” Against Terrorism
Geoffrey S. Corn, The Military Component of Counter-Terror Operations
Derek Jinks, Against the Notion of Competing Legal Frameworks in the “War on Terror”
  •  3-Way Debate Round 2 (Tuesday, Oct. 1):
Gabor Rona, A Reply to Corn and Jinks
Geoffrey S. Corn, A Reply to Rona and Jinks
Derek Jinks, A Reply to Rona and Corn
V. Military Commissions
VI. Guantanamo
VII. Congress and Politics
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