1. Just Security Staff, Guardian Previews Discussions of ISIS at Thursday’s NATO Summit (Wednesday, Sept 3)
  2. Jennifer Daskal, Exhibit #1: How Not to Authorize Armed Conflict (Wednesday, Sept 3)
  3. Beth Van Schaack, John Walker Lindh’s Legacy: To Join The Fight is Criminal (Friday, Sept 5)

II. Detention, Trial & Treatment

  1. Steve Vladeck, The Very Strange New DoD Detainee Directive (Thursday, Sept 4)
  2. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: DoD Directive 2310.01E (Friday, Sept 5)

III. Surveillance, Privacy & Technology

  1. Steve Vladeck, DOJ and ODNI Support the Senate Version of the USA FREEDOM Act (Wednesday, Sept 3)
  2. Marty Lederman, Renewed Focus on Statutory Construction in the Section 215 Litigation (Thursday, Sept 4)

IV. Lethal Action (Targeted Killings)

  1. Ryan Goodman, Targeting Al-Shabaab’s Godane is not the same as targeting Al-Shabaab (Tuesday, Sept 2)
  2. Eric Messinger, Al-Shabaab Leader Killed in US Strike (Friday, Sept 5)

V. Executive Branch

VI. Immunites (Foreign Official Immunity)

VII. Comparative Law and Policy

VIII. International Procedures

IX. Misc.