Earlier this week, Arizona State University and the New America Foundation announced a joint project, the Future of War. The project combines the intellectual resources of a leading university-based research center with a powerful, interdisciplinary think tank and civic enterprise–an impressive and potent combination. Here are some of the facts …

The public announcement states that the Future of War topics include new weapons systems, new methods of global surveillance, the “danger of the democratization of terror,” and more.

This ambitious initiative is co-directed by ASU Professor Daniel Rothenberg and Vice President at New America and Professor of Practice at ASU, Peter Bergen. Their team includes a great lineup of experts, many of whom will be familiar to Just Security readers: Brad Allenby, Peter Bergen, Rosa Brooks, Sharon Burke, Linell Cady, Sue Clark-Johnson, Alan Davidson, Werner J.A. Dahm, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Benjamin C. Freakley, Shane Harris, David Kilcullen, Orde Kittrie, Michael Lind, Tim Maurer, Sascha Meinrath, Doug Ollivant, Tom Ricks, Jason Roberts, Peter W. Singer, Daniel Sarewitz, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Cameron Thies, and Mark Von Hagen.

The project’s plans include holding an annual national conference, producing white papers and other publications, and hosting other seminars and events at ASU and New America.

Some of the project’s upcoming events include:

  • December 2 – Discussion of Future of War project team member Shane Harris’ new book @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex (Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) with Peter Bergen, at New America, Washington, DC
  • December 11 –  Discussion of Future of War project co-directors Peter Bergen and Daniel Rothenberg’s new book Drone Wars: Transforming Conflict, Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press), at New America, Washington, DC
  • January 15 – Confronting the Crisis in Syria, conference at New America, Washington, DC
  • Late February – first annual Future of War conference – large interdisciplinary gathering of national and international security experts, co-sponsored by CNN and Foreign Policy
  • 2015, date TBA – Discussion of Future of War project team member Rosa Brooks’ new book By Other Means: How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything (Simon & Schuster), at New America, Washington, DC

We have included these specific dates in Just Security’s Pipeline of public events.

We congratulate both institutions on the launch, and look forward to following the project and its activities.