I. Surveillance, Privacy & Technology

  1. David Medine, Guest Post: The PCLOB Report and Eight Questions About Section 702 (Tuesday, July 22)
  2. Jonathan Horowitz and Sarah Knuckey, Major New United Nations Report Rebukes Five Eyes’ Attempts to Weaken Digital Privacy Rights (Wednesday, July 23)
  3. Julian Sanchez, All the Pieces Matter: Bulk(y) Collection Under §702 (Friday, July 25)

II. Law Enforcement: Sting Operations and Prosecutions

  1. Tarek Z. Ismail, Guest Post: The Illusion of Justice Report, and the Use of “Radicalization Theories” in Counterterrorism Sting Operations (Monday, July 21)
  2. Samuel J. Rascoff, Guest Post: Sting Operations and Counterterrorism: What’s Really at Stake (Wednesday, July 23)
  3. David Cole, The Problems with Counterterrorism Stings: A Response to Samuel Rascoff (Thursday, July 24)
  4. Samuel J. Rascoff, Rejoinder to David Cole (Thursday, July 24)

III. Transparency & Accountability

IV. Detention, Trial & Treatment

V. Ukraine (and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17)

  1. Alex Whiting, Guest Post: How to Prosecute the Perpetrators of the Malaysian Jet Downing (Friday, July 25)
  2. Just Security, President Obama Delivering Remarks on Ukraine (Monday, July 21)

VI. Just Security Job Opening

VII. In Memoriam 

  1. Andy Wright, Dan Markel (1972-2014) (Tuesday, July 22)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Dan Markel (Saturday, July 19)