This afternoon, we bring you a few choice reads from across the blogosphere and other online media outlets:

  • On Opinio Juris, Deborah Pearlstein adds to the debate regarding potentially legal hurdles that would exist should the U.S. chose to use force against the ISIS in Iraq noting that “even if the United States could come up with a domestic statutory basis for some military action in Iraq – extant Title 50 covert action authorities are quite broad, for example – it would still struggle for the approval of our allies on international legal grounds.  <<read more>>
  • Just Security‘s Steve Vladeck writes a piece for The Washington Post‘s newly launched PostEverything arguing that kidnappings like the one this week of Abu Khattala by the US are “almost certainly the best way to nab terrorism suspects who take refuge in countries that won’t arrest them—even for them.” <<read more>>
  • Wells Bennett covers the play-by-play of today’s arraignment of Abd Al Hadi Al-Iraqi before a military commission in Gitmo. <<read more>>