I. Surveillance, Privacy, & Technology

  1. Marty Lederman, ODNI Clarifies More Limited Effect of its New Preclearance Policy (Friday, May 9)
  2. Jennifer Daskal, Magistrate’s Compliance: Searching Electronic Data Overseas (Friday, May 9)
  3. Thomas Earnest, House Judiciary Markup of USA Freedom Act (Live stream) (Wednesday, May 7)
  4. Jennifer Granick, Manager’s Amendment Puts Back Door Searches Back In USA Freedom Act (Tuesday, May 6)

II. Detention, Trial, & Treatment

  1. Meg Satterthwaite, Preview:  Lithuania to Face Questioning by UN Committee against Torture about “Black Sites” (Friday, May 9)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Where is al-Bahlul?? (Friday, May 9)
  3. Ryan Goodman, Interrogation-Based Detentions and the Law of Armed Conflict: What Mohammed v. Ministry of Defense Didn’t Have to Say (Wednesday, May 7)
  4. Steve Vladeck, More on Military Courts and Article III (Tuesday, May 6)
  5. Steve Vladeck, The D.C. District Court’s Power to Hear the New Nashiri Suit (Monday, May 5)
  6. Jonathan Horowitz and Christopher Rogers , Guest Post: Does IHL Need Human Rights Law?: The Curious Case of NIAC Detention (Monday, May 5)
  7. Derek Jinks, Does IHL Authorize Detention in NIACs? (Monday, May 5)

III. Congress and Oversight

IV. Syria

  1. Ryan Goodman, Update: French Text Referring Syria to ICC Said to Replicate Standard Exemptions for US (Friday, May 9)
  2. Ryan Goodman, How “Similar” is US Exemption on Draft UNSC Referral of Syria to the ICC? (Friday, May 9)
  3. Ryan Goodman, Draft UN Security Council Referral of Syria to the ICC—and US Exemptions (Thursday, May 8)

V. Ukraine

VI. Miscellaneous