Riad Alakar

Riad joined LFJL in 2014 as Freedom of Expression Researcher, working to support key legal reports and analysis produced by the Sawti (‘My Voice’/ ‘My Vote’) project.

In his current role as Tripoli Office Coordinator and Legal Researcher, Riad is responsible for carrying out research on the ground, ensuring that key information supporting LFJL’s activities remains accurate and up to date.  Riad helps coordinate LFJL’s work and communications with local partners, playing a key role in facilitating collaborative activities.

Prior to joining LFJL, Riad established a civil youth movement in September 2011, which emerged out of the student enthusiasm during the February 17 uprising. Riad holds a degree in Law for which he ranked second in his graduating class at Tripoli University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in International Law from Tripoli University.

Riad is fluent in Arabic and proficient in English.

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