Just Security is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Oxford University Press for an occasional series of thematically organized print volumes on specific issues of international law and national security. When an issue is selected for such a volume with OUP, each contribution will appear in two versions: a shorter, more news-driven online version in the style readers can regularly expect from Just Security, and authors will have the option of publishing a more in-depth extended analysis in the print version. Print publishing will allow volume contributors to engage more thoroughly across topics and to write with a longer time horizon in mind. Each print volume will also offer a substantive introduction and conclusion, which will not appear online, on the volume’s thematic focus. Overseeing the project are Professor and Just Security Co-Editor-in-Chief Ryan Goodman (series editor) and Just Security Postgraduate Fellow Haley Anderson.

We believe it is critical that the series model broad representation in international law and national security discourse. As such, we have committed to selecting volume editors and contributors who will offer a mix of perspectives, including from voices that are otherwise underrepresented in these fields.

The theme for the first volume in the series will build on last summer’s Racing National Security symposium and it will be edited by Professor and Just Security Board Member Matiangai Sirleaf, who brought that symposium to life. In addition to contributions from Professor Sirleaf, the Race & National Security volume will feature contributions from a powerful line-up of experts: Aziza Ahmed, Aslı Bâli, Monica Bell, Adelle Blackett, Noura Erakat, James Gathii, Michele Goodwin, Margaret Hu, Yuvraj Joshi, Rachel López, Catherine Powell, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, and Aziz Rana. Their contributions will clarify how white supremacy informs and shapes the parameters of national security and illustrate how ideas about race perpetuate and reinforce existing hierarchies in national security. Moreover, the volume will assist in defining the field of race and national security, provide significant theoretical insights, and become a primer for those working and interested in this area. There could be no better — no more important — topic with which to kick off the series, and we are delighted to have Professor Sirleaf at the helm.

Please join us in congratulating all those involved, and keep an eye out for updates as the project unfolds.