I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Brett Max Kaufman, Guest Post: Optic Nerve – A Digital Mugbook & the Questions It Raises (Friday, Feb. 28)
  2. Thomas Earnest, Chris Sprigman and Barry Friedman on ReplyAll Discussing Chris’ Just Security Post (Thursday, Feb. 27)
  3. Julian Sanchez, Bart Gellman’s NSL (Wednesday, Feb. 26)
  4. Ryan Goodman and Ruchi Parekh, “Tweet Roll”: Reactions to Glenn Greenwald’s article on “How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet” (Tuesday, Feb. 25)
  5. Christopher Sprigman, Guest Post: The NSA’s Culture of “Legal Compliance” Still Breaks the Law (Monday, Feb. 24)
  6. Shaheed Fatima, Miranda: Blame Parliament Before Blaming the Courts (Monday, Feb. 24)

II. Drones and Targeted Killings

  1. Anthony Dworkin, Guest Post: The Political Support and Divisions Behind the European Parliament Resolution on Drones (Friday, Feb. 28)
  2. Ryan Goodman, United Nations Releases New Report on Drones (Friday, Feb. 28)
  3. Ryan Goodman, European Parliament Passes Resolution on Drones, Targeted Killings, and Fully Autonomous Weapons  (Thursday, Feb. 27)
  4. Marty Lederman, Secrecy, Nonacknowledgement, and Yemen (Wednesday, Feb. 26)
  5. Daphne Eviatar, What to Listen for in Key Defense Hearings this Week (Monday, Feb. 24)

III. Detention and Torture

  1. Meg Satterthwaite, Italian Court of Cassation Reverses Convictions of Italian Intelligence Agents Involved in Bush-Era Extraordinary Rendition (Tuesday, Feb. 25)
  2. Ruchi Parekh, Lithuanian Prosecutors Open Probe into CIA Black Site (Monday, Feb. 24)
  3. Daphne Eviatar, What to Listen for in Key Defense Hearings this Week (Monday, Feb. 24)

IV. Jus ad Bellum

  1. Daphne Eviatar, The United States Cannot be at War With an Ideology (Thursday, Feb. 27)
  2. Ryan Goodman, State Practice and the Use of Force: Iran Invokes the “Unwilling or Unable” Test against its Neighbors (Wednesday, Feb. 26)

V. North Korea

VI. Miscellaneous

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