I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Thomas Earnest, Lost in the Bulk Collection Debate — Fifth Circuit Affirms Life Sentence of Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari (Friday, Jan 24)
  2. Barry Friedman, Guest Post: Section 215 Telephone Metadata Collection: The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Trashes Pretty Much Everyone (Thursday, Jan. 23)
  3. Jameel Jaffer, Privacy Board Debunks Purported Justification for NSA’s Phone-Records Dragnet (Thursday, Jan. 23) 
  4. Thomas Earnest, PCLOB Releases Report, Recommends Government End §215 Program (Thursday, Jan. 23) 
  5. Steve Vladeck, Does “Espionage Porn” Make Us Stronger?  (Thursday, Jan. 23)
  6. Thomas Earnest, Balancing the Public Interest in Disclosures  (Wednesday, Jan. 22)
  7. Marty Lederman, Jack Goldsmith on the “Front-Page Rule” (Wednesday, Jan. 22)
  8. Steve Vladeck, Which Congressional NSA Reform Proposals Will the Obama Administration Now Support? (Saturday, Jan. 18)
  9. David Cole, The Disconnect between Theory and Practice in Obama’s NSA Speech (Saturday, Jan 18)

II. Targeted Killings and Drones

  1. Ryan Goodman, General Stanley McChrystal Discusses the Downsides of Drones  (Wednesday, Jan. 22)
  2. Harold Hongju Koh, POTUS’ view on who counts as Al Qaeda (Monday, Jan. 20)
  3. Ryan Goodman, UK Court Rules against Alleged Pakistani Drone Victim (Noor Khan) (Monday, Jan. 20)

III. Detention and Treatment

  1. Amrit Singh, Guest Post: A $15 Million Dollar Torture Partnership (Friday, Jan. 24)
  2. Derek Jinks, An Inauspicious Anniversary: It’s Time to Release the Report of the Special Interagency Task Force on Interrogations and Transfer Policies  (Thursday, Jan. 23)
  3. Marty Lederman, Understanding What it Means to be “Approved for Transfer”: A Response to Lawrence Rosenthal (Wednesday, Jan. 22)
  4. Lawrence Rosenthal, Guest Post: The Constitutional Case for Judicial Authority To Order the Transfer and Release of Guantánamo Detainees Cleared for Release  (Wednesday, Jan. 22)

IV. Trials

V. Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen

    1. Ryan Goodman, Gates v. Biden on Afghanistan: What the Media Coverage Doesn’t Tell You (Saturday, Jan. 18) 
    2. Beth Van Schaack, Horrific New Evidence of Syrian War Crimes Emerges (Tuesday, Jan. 21)
    3. Beth Van Schaack, Yemen Immunity in Jeopardy? (Monday, Jan. 20)

VI. Gender and Counterterrorism

VII. Miscellaneous

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