I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Ryan Goodman, Thomas Earnest and Steve Vladeck, 10 Questions for the Review Group Members to Publicly Address at the Senate Hearings (Friday, Jan.  10)
  2. Thomas Earnest, NPR Interview with Retiring NSA Deputy Director John Inglis  (Friday, Jan. 10)
  3. Just Security, Table of Contents: Mini Forum on President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies (Friday, Jan. 10)
  4. Ruchi Parekh, EU parliamentary committee’s preliminary report on NSA surveillance (Thursday, Jan. 9)
  5. Julian Sanchez, Can We Do Without National Security Letters?  (Thursday, Jan. 9)
  6. Shirin Sinnar, Guest Post: Version 4.0 – Do We Need A New Privacy and Civil Liberties Board? (Wednesday, Jan. 8)
  7. Ryan Goodman, Could the NSA’s Telephony Metadata Program Have Prevented 9/11? Judge William Pauley v. Lawrence Wright (Tuesday, Jan. 7)

II. Authorization to Use Military Force

III. Military Commissions

  1. Daphne Eviatar, Responding to John Dehn’s Letter to the Editor on the 9/11 Military Commissions (Monday, Jan. 6)
  2. Letters to the Editor, Letter to the Editor: Reply from John Dehn to Daphne Eviatar on the 9/11 Military Commissions (Monday, Jan. 6)

IV. Guantanamo/Detention

V. Drones and Targeted Killings

VI. Congressional Oversight

VII. Transparency/Executive Branch 

VIII. Gender and Counterterrorism

IX. Israel/Palestine and International Criminal Court 

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