Just Security has been holding a “mini forum” on the Report of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies. The following list contains the current posts in this series.

  1. Marty Lederman, Highlights of the Report of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies
  2. Ryan Goodman, Thomas Earnest, Steve Vladeck, 10 Questions for the Review Group Members to Publicly Address at the Senate Hearings
  3. Julian Sanchez, Can We Do Without National Security Letters?
  4. Jennifer Granick, President’s Review Board Says: Protect Thy Neighbor’s Privacy
  5. Jennifer Granick, Foreigners and the Review Group Report: Part 2
  6. Julian Sanchez, How Limited is 702?
  7. David Cole and Marty Lederman, Data-Mining, Section 215, and Regulating the Government’s Use of Stored Data: The Overlooked, but More Important, Question about NSA Surveillance
  8. Shirin Sinnar, Guest Post: Version 4.0 – Do We Need A New Privacy and Civil Liberties Board?
  9. Ryan Goodman, How to Evaluate Whether the NSA’s Telephony Metadata Program Makes Us Safer (and What Proponents and Opponents Get Wrong)
  10. Ryan Goodman, Could the NSA’s Telephony Metadata Program Have Prevented 9/11? Judge William Pauley v. Lawrence Wright
  11. Marty Lederman, The “Front-Page Rule” 
  12. Marshall Erwin, Guest Post: Connecting the Dots: Assessing the Effectiveness of Bulk Phone Records Collection