Tuesday, March 14

10:00am – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform – Legislative Proposals for Fostering Transparency (here)

Wednesday, March 15

10:00am – House Committee on Armed Services – Military Assessment of the Security Challenges in the Greater Middle East (here)

10:00am – Senate Committee on Homeland Security – Business Meeting (Nomination of Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security) (here)

11:00am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – Six Years of War in Syria: The Human Toll (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Venezuela’s Tragic Meltdown (here)

2:30pm – Senate Committee on the Judiciary – The Modus Operandi and Toolbox of Russia and Other Autocracies for Undermining Democracies Throughout the World (here)

3:30pm – House Committee on Armed Services –Crafting an Information Warfare and Counter-Propaganda Strategy for the Emerging Security Environment (here)

3:30pm – Senate Committee on Armed Services – All Arms Warfare in the 21st Century (here)

Thursday, March 16

8:00am – House Committee on Armed Services –Current State of the U.S. Navy (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Armed Services – Oversight Review of Infrastructure Needs and Projects Ready for Immediate Implementation in the Nuclear Security Enterprise (here)