DOJ files copy of SSCI torture report with district court

Last month I wrote about DOJ’s efforts to have Judge Lamberth reconsider his order that the government must retain a copy of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s torture report, and deposit a copy of the Report with the court’s information security officer (CISO).  Judge Lamberth denied that motion, and today DOJ filed a notice with the court, informing the judge that, on Monday, February 6, it did indeed file a copy of the Report with the CISO (that is to say, it presumably is not appealing the judge’s order).  Accordingly, now the Archivist has a copy of the Report, as does the district court (the latter for possible use in the Nashiri habeas case; the former for presumptive declassification and disclosure in twelve years). 

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Marty Lederman

Professor at the Georgetown University Law Center. He was Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Office of Legal Counsel from 2009-2010, and Attorney Advisor at the Office of Legal Counsel from 1994-2002. Member of the editorial board of Just Security. You can follow him on Twitter (@marty_lederman).